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1st BIBLICAL MONTH REPORTS: Report Date: 06 April 2019 Status: CONFIRMED - ARCHIVE -
Location Name Time(Local) Sky Spotted? Comments
South Africa,
Shelly beach
Frannie 18h35 Clear YES(5)  
Burandi bucumi pasteur Sunset Not Clear NO we have not seen it.
Steven L. 1800 Partly Cloudy YES(3) Two men pointed out the new crescent, the one saying: See it just below that flat low cloud,to whom responded, Yes I see it now. Then Longosoa, son of Fiamana of Tsihombe came in to report to his father, I've just seen the New Crescent clearly. Fiamana reported this to me; and Tovontsoa Randriatahina gave the report of the first pair.
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